Meredith Dinwiddy is an old gold prospector who has struck lucky and found considerable riches. 

The mountain seam he works is full of gold but Mr Dinwiddy derives little pleasure from the wealth as he all he sees is that he digs the gold out of the ground, then puts it underground in a bank.

He gets his kicks from undertaking sideline actinvities such as the challenge of creating the perfect bubble. Underground he built a machine that manually creates bubbles and then releases them into the air. Dai Station thought they had been invaded by little flying aliens, but on further inspection found Mr Dinwiddy and his machine. Jones the steam connected the machine to Ivor's boiler, who then powered the machine to create loads of bubbles. Mr Dinwiddy really enjoyed himself.

Every year he bakes Ivor a Birthday Cake. It's not a normal cake, but instead its one that is put in Ivor's boiler, which then shoots fireworks out of his funnel.