idris in the egg ep 2

Idris is a male red Welsh dragon whom Ivor and Jones the Steam found at Smoke Hill. They initially thought his egg was a stone and used some tongs to remove it and put it in Ivor's fire box. The baby dragon hatched out of it in Ivor's cab. Idris is a part of the choir. Whilst the choral society was singing a voice came from within Ivor’s boiler, singing along with the song, and out of his funnel popped a very small flaming hot Heraldic Welsh Dragon. Idris loves to sing and his favourite song is ‘Land of my fathers’.

Being a hot dragon, Idris doesn't like the cold, so when he’s not at Smoke Hill, he likes to travel around in Ivor's boiler or visit the oven at the local Bakers. Idris ensures he stays away from water, as it its coldness means certain death for dragons. Idris paired up with a female Dragon called Olwen, who together became the proud parents of the twins Gaian and Blodwen. They are quite private creatures, so when Idris found out that the Antiquarian Society were looking for proof of dragons, he ran away back to Smoke Hill and hid.

He didn’t like the idea of being captured and put in a Zoo so headed back to Smoke Hill. Misfortune struck when the Smoke Hill volcano started to go out. Luckily Jones the Steam was able to prove that the dragons existed to the Antiquarian Society and they arranged for a gas meter to be installed to keep Smoke Hill hot for the dragons.

The Antiquarian Society however, seemed to have changed their priorities and began to show a reluctance to help the dragons due to a cost cutting exercise. When the dragons attacked a statue of Saint George (as he was depicted killing a dragon), the Antiquarian Society branded the dragons a menace that should be caged and sent to the local Zoo.

Luckily for Idris and his family, Mr Dinwiddy found a hot underground cave where they could live. It was lovely and hot for them and only a few people knew where they had gone, so giving the Antiquarian Society the slip. The only down side was that Idris and his family were rarely seen above ground anymore.

Idris is voiced by Oliver Postgate