Evan Evans, a musical man more commonly known as Evans the Song is the choir master of the Grumbly and District Choral Society and brother-in-law of Edwin Jones the Steam

He was very happy that Ivor and Idris joined their ranks, as there are not many Choirs who have a steam engine or a dragon as members.

He encourages his Choir to develop and shows off their talents via competitions. When they won one of them, Evans ensured Ivor wore the prize, a Silver Wreath, which he put around his funnel. Evans also arranges days out for the choir, such as a trip to the seaside. Ivor takes them, who stands there wishing he could play in the sea with them. Which is why Jones and Evans put their heads together to arrange for Ivor to come and play in the sea with them next time. As you can imagine, Ivor was one happy engine.

When the Antiquarian Society were investigating reports of dragons, Evans asked everyone to deny all knowledge of them, as he suspected they might want to take them away for further study. Everyone, including Ivor, followed his instructions, apart from Jones, who cannot tell a lie. Luckily for them, the Antiquarian Society didn’t believe a word Jones said to them.

Evans can also be quite nosey at times and when investigating what Ivor was carrying, accidentally let the Pigeons out of the basket. He eventually tracked them down, but could not get them off Miss Price's roof. Luckily for Evans, Ivor is very good with pigeons, he tooted his whistle and encouraged them down.